Fiber art and Weavings by Jodi Kanter

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The Process – From Start to Finish

How Woven Art is Made

Every work created by expert artist Jodi Kanter is custom-designed and constructed by hand in Jodi’s Chargin Falls studio, and each piece is conceived through creative consultations with the client, then carefully designed and planned before it is brought into being.

Jodi in her studio

During consultation, Jodi brainstorms with the client to create the best possible piece for their location and needs. All of Jodi’s designs are hand-crafted, with cost and initial deposit calculated based on the time and material needed to complete the project. Then, design drawings are created, to scale and showcasing how the project might look. Only after the client has approved all the design drawings does the real weaving work begin.


Weaving is the longest part of the process, and the time it takes may vary depending on the size and complexity of a work. The unique piece produced will be beautiful and unlike any existing artwork. To learn more, or discuss a possible project, contact Jodi now. Alternatively, visit her portfolio to see examples of her work.

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